Moving Rates & Services

Our moving services are labor only and include:
Loading * Unloading * Packing * Unpacking * Assembly * Office Moves * Interior Moves

We will load and/or unload the following:
Trucks * PODs * ABFs * Pack Rat * Trailers * Storage Units * Overseas Containers

Rates are as follow (4 hour minimum required)
$20/hr per man (2 man minimum, up to 4 men provided)
$25 travel fee up to 20 miles. .050 each additonal mile
(Dollies, straps, and tools provided at no additional cost)

Handyman Repair & Remodeling Services

Repairs * Painting * Drywall * Floors * Demolition And More...

Exterior Maintenance

Debris Clean Up and Removal * Gutter Cleaning * Exterior Repairs

Delivery and Trash Out Services

Pick up and drop off Delivery * Trash Outs/Clean Outs (Trash, construction, yard debris)

Investment & REO Property Services

We can take care of many of your property maintenance and rehab needs. No need to deal with multiple contractors and numerous invoices. Maintenance made simple!

Repairs * Trash Outs * Maid Cleans * Painting* Inspections (including pics)